Bajah's Reference and Status Cards

There are no credits or watermarks required for these. I spent a lot of time on them as a labor of love and willingness to get them out there to be used. Also, I don't own the spell wordings or the shapes used in some cases, so that wouldn't be right.

However, if you want to show some love back, I've set up MightyBajah!

  Player Reference Cards
Examples of computer-filled and blank reference cands
Examples of computer-filled and blank reference cards

Fillable PDF Use if you want to type into a PDF and print
Blank PDF Use if you want to print blanks and handwrite information

  Status Reference Cards
Examples of status reference cards
Examples of status reference cards

Conditions 1 3 each of Blind, Charmed, and Deafened
Conditions 2 3 each of Frightened, Grappled, and Incapacitated
Conditions 3 3 each of Invisible, Paralyzed, and Petrified
Conditions 4 3 each of Poisoned, Prone, and Restrained
Conditions 5 3 each of Stunned, Unconscious, and Exhausted
Statuses 1 3 each of Dodge, Hide, and Suffocating
Cover! 3 each of Half Cover, Three Quarters Cover, and Total Cover
Blanks! 9 blanks to be used however you like
Resistances 1 2 each of Bludgeoning, Slashing, and Piercing. 3 of Resist Acid. Mirror of Vulnerabilities 1 for 2-sided printing
Resistances 2 3 each of Resist Cold, Fire, and Force
Resistances 3 3 each of Resist Lightning, Necrotic, and Poison
Resistances 4 3 each of Resist Psychic, Radiant, and Thunder
Vulnerabilities 1 2 each of Bludgeoning, Slashing, and Piercing. 3 of Vulnerable to Acid. Mirror of Resistances 1 for 2-sided printing
Vulnerabilities 2 3 each of Vulnerable to Cold, Fire, and Force
Vulnerabilities 3 3 each of Vulnerable to Lightning, Necrotic, and Poison
Vulnerabilities 4 3 each of Vulnerable to Psychic, Radiant, and Thunder

  Class and Spell Cards
Examples of all cards in use
Examples of all cards in use (standard Magic: The Gathering size sleeves)

Class 1 3 each of Bardic Inspiration (Bard), Rage (Barbarian), and Reckless Attack (Barbarian)
Class 2 3 each of Experimental Elixir (Artificer), Concentration (All Spellcasters), and Slayer's Prey (Ranger)
Class 3 3 each of Turn Undead (Cleric), Hex (Warlock), and Hunter's Mark (Ranger)
Abjuration 1 3 each of Aid, Armor of Agathys, and Banishment
Abjuration 2 3 each of Death Ward, Freedom of Movement, and Mage Armor
Abjuration 3 3 each of Invulnerability, Protection from Evil and Good, and Sanctuary
Abjuration 4 3 each of Shield of Faith, Stoneskin, and Warding Bond
Enchantment 1 3 each of Bane, Bless, and Compelled Duel
Evocation 1 3 each of Fairie Fire, Fire Shield, and Witch Bolt
Illusion 1 3 each of Blur, Fear, and Mirror Image
Illusion 2 3 each of Enthrall, Heroism, and Hideous Laughter
Necromancy 1 3 each of Curse, Ray of Enfeeblement, and False Life
Necromancy 2 3 each of Contagian, Shadow of Moil, and 3 blanks
Transmutation 1 3 each of Alter Self, Barkskin, and Blink
Transmutation 2 3 each of Dragon's Breath, Elemental Bane, and Etherealness
Transmutation 3 3 each of Enlarge, Reduce, and Fly
Transmutation 4 3 each of Gaseous Form, Haste, and Heat Metal
Transmutation 5 3 each of Levitate, Slow, and Spider Climb
Transmutation 6 3 each of Tenser's Transformation, Guardian of the Forest (Primal Beast and Great Tree)